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Lightweight Camera Kit For Travel And Day Bag

I love taking photos. My camera allows me to capture those awesome moments.
By keeping it lightweight - means taking only the essentials. Whether you're jetting off to an exotic island or simply taking a long weekend away in the country. Taking the right kit can provide brilliant opportunities for photography.

"When traveling light, think what you what to photo before you go out and pack the lens to suit"
Keeping it simple, this is my go anywhere lightweight travel kit and day bag. You can carry this kit all day without feeling weighed down.
Inside my camera bag:
 Camera bag Apex 120 AW Lowepro for Panasonic Lumix GF5

"The perfect interchangeable lens companion on your travels?"
Light weight day bag, camera and lens kit
MINI Tripod - Manfrotto MTPIXI-B Lumix GF5 and fixed14mm lens45 - 200mm zoom lens, with lens hood2 filtersAdapter ring 46 mm to 52 mm2 spare batteries SD cardslens cleaning clothMini TripodLowepro Apex 120 AW camera bagYou may also like to view:

My Gout Diet Experiment

There is not a lot of true information available for gout and what has been said has not been updated for many years or any experiments been carried out. Only that of new medications, yet gout is still on the rise.

First find the reason why you have gout? So that you have the correct treatment for the cause and not the symptom.

Taking drugs caused the gout If you have kidney disease or liver issuesIf your gout is induced by excess of beer and poor lifestyle Resulting from injury Or hereditary making you more susceptible to gout
Its your body adapting to your lifestyle and food choices, if NOT controlled, then you are at high risk of kidney, liver and heart problems. The right big toe is where most people first get their gout attack.

"Individuals often learn what causes their own gout attacks"
After suffering from gout reading many cures for gout and trying many things over many years this is how I stopped and reversed my gout. It not quick and its a life change and in-fact this…

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