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Destination Spain Cadiz

Still heading South and now in the Cadiz Province, in the southern half of the Costa de la Luz. That reaches from the mouth of the region's biggest river, the Guadalquivir, to the Strait of Gibraltar, and is blessed with the best string of beaches in Andalucia and which are still underdeveloped. I started near the port of Chipiona and found wild camping close to the beach. It is the 4th time I have been in this neck of the wood's and the 5th road trip in Spain and still a lot more to see.......... Sunset at Chipiona
Local knowledge from my good Spanish friend I was with yesterday, last night she sent me details of a nice spot to wild camp. So early this morning I headed across town and made camp. The beach is called La Playa de las Tres Piedras on Calle Gaviotas. N36°42.069' W006°25.589' There are a few bars with toilet' s that are available to use. There are also toilets on the beach. Here I can set up the outside room at the back of the van to shower. Huelen ric…

Destination Spain Andalucia

I continue travelling South from Merida, I took the national road near Zafra and continued to Alajar stopping for coffee in a nice town called Fregenal de la Sierra, (It was bank holiday and the two bars opposite each other at the end of town where like cantinas with many men drinking beer) soon after my coffee I continued from here, I crossed into Andalucia through the natural park Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, a very beautiful part of Spain.

Andalucia has 8 provinces and a bit of UK "Gibraltar" This Post is the provinces Huelva & Sevilla.

West of Aracena
(Sierra Morena, one of Andalucia's most beautiful landscapes) Most of the villages grew up around fortress-like churches,  or hilltop castles built in medieval times to deter the Portuguese.
I then continued driving and found a campsite called El Madronal about 7 k's from Alajar, that has a nice relaxed feel, even though it could do with a freshen up! Need to pay for wifi €1/hr but cuts out after 40 mi…

Destination Spain Heading South

Andalucia is where I have travelled most in Spain and is what I call the heart of Spain. It's where I am heading now. But all of Spain has its own unique hidden places, it's just up to you to explore and find them.

First, stop only an hour or so from the North coast is a pretty little town called Aguilar de Campoo in the central plateau of Castilla & Leon.

Elv: 906 M
Temp: cool/changeable

I parked near the center and walked till I found a nice looking bar in the main plaza of the old town. I needed a pee, so why not choose a nice place, after all, it's a nice day and I got myself a coffee and a "pincho" tortilla with bacon €2.50 There are a lot of youngsters in the town that makes it a little lively.
I checked Google for camping nearby and found a place only 2 minutes away. There is an area for campervans and free. "Wild Camping"

As I like the feel of this place so I have decided to stay a night and spend the afternoon exploring. I got the bike out…

Destination Spain

After a lovely two weeks knowing more of France and my cousin Serge is now time to head to Spain. A 7-hour drive with 35 deg C temperatures turned into heavy rain close to the border with Spain and lots of traffic passing Biarritz, great to see the coastline and the mountains in the background, but this is where taking the toll roads would pay off! Mind you, the non-toll roads is where you find the small restaurants selling great food and coffee!!!

Destination Spain - Basque Country And Cantabria. Before heading South to Andalucia.

My Sat-nav has not been updated and the Spanish roads are full of dangerous curves as this is mountain country, also many new roads and new roads under construction. More of a spaghetti of roads, then the road network I have been using in France. Welcome to Spain!
I had to reset my destination many times as Sat-nav got confused to which road I was travelling on.
The junction coming off the main road may have 3 choices and even on a turn, there could be a sp…

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