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Travel For Less To Travel For Longer

Have you managed to save a little of your hard earned money, but you're not sure how long it will last?
For most people, travel is a two-week break from the 9-5 grind. Then soon as they return they feel like they have not been away or need another holiday for a rest! The trouble with a short break, you rush to fit it all in or you spend a load of money at the bar because that's what everyone else is doing.
Those who feel they want to see and experience more a lifestyle of freedom then it can start with you taking action. You have to change your perception of travel. Long term travel is the greatest experience you'll have in your life.

Travel for less than $10 a day
There are many travel bloggers saying they travel for less than $10 a day! And I believe them, but the way they travel might not be for everyone, who may prefer a better living standard, but you can learn some tips from them, some I sure do use and the longer you are on the road the better you get at it.

To start…

The Travelling Mechanic

Working while travelling 
Traveling Spain while working for a meal and or a roof over my head. 
I think I am rich enough to take a risk and do the things I enjoy or I may not move forward
"Failure is acceptable, but if you don't try then you have failed by default"

Work all your life, retire and then do all those things you wanted to do. To me that sounds funny, couldn't you be doing the things you want to do every day, or at least working towards it.

Live within your means and not what you are conditioned to believe - It's down to your expectations of what you want, to what you can acutely live on.

"Do more of what gives you peace. Keep learning new things and share what you already know" 
Well, I see my life as a working holiday and I feel I'm already retired!

Just take action "A wrong decision is better than no decision" So I have an A3 drawing board from my late brother John. I have taken measurements from inside my van (2010 Renault Mast…