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Destination Colombia

Colombia is probably my favourite country in the world.

So, you may of have heard that Colombia is the next great place to visit?

"Not everyone here is a drug lord that wants to kidnap you. locals are extremely friendly and there is a large friendly police presence"
Well, I've spent over eleven months living and travelling in Colombia, across five trips that all started over 10 years ago, back in 2007. With my first visit to Bogota and the Caribbean coast. But it was my next trip that I discovered Rovira, a small town set in a valley between the Ande mountains that really touched my heart and showed me a different side to Colombia as there were no tourists here to spoil it. I have also travelled there with my daughter when she was 19 years old when we were backpacking Latin America and with my crazy monkey "mona loca" Juliana who was only 12 years old and she was visiting her Colombian family. What a great experience for them! Most of my closest friends are Col…

Destination Spain Granada

Arrived in La Zubia Granada from the province of Malaga only 3ks from the city center of Granada.  I'm staying at
Camping Reina Isabel €8.65 without electric. Cash Payment only N37°07.468'  W003°35.172' There is a bus stop opposite campsite for Granada city center.   I arrived here at lunch time, by 6 pm the campsite was full (it's quite small) and campers are parking outside, in a bit of a lay-by directly out the front. It's a short walk to the town of La Zubia, up a bit of a hill to the right as you walk out of the campsite. Turn left on Calle Pablo Iglesias at the park on the corner. This street comes alive with Spanish life, there are shops selling all sorts of cheap things, tapas bars and coffee shops. Reminds me a bit of Ibague Colombia with sellers on the street, I bought some avocados on the street corner. Also, a large student population that gives the town a lot of energy. I don't think I will visit the city of Granada (everyone comes here to see Alha…

Destination Spain Malaga

Left Tarifa driving mostly along the coast, stopped at Mirador de Estrecho, but was too cloudy to see Africa, also could not see the top of the rock passing Gibraltar. Stopped at Mijas but could not park, there was parking for cars only, it's a small village up on the mountain overlooking the Costa del Sol. (Not recommended for Motor Home's to drive though) So found the nearest beach as I was getting very close to Malaga airport "Torremolinos" I spent the afternoon on the beach. Blessed with the sun,  British and Irish bars. There is a Train station "Los Alamos" with only 2 stops to the airport but the last train is at 23:30 and Jodie's plane is late! And parking is not cheap and I am in a van "Hi-Top"  So found a nice little Spanish tapas bar while waiting for Jodie to arrive called Tres 14 tapas y cafe, got here at 8:15, by 9 pm the place was full with Spanish. Food and service very good. Av. Manuel Fragla Iribalrne, 3, 29620 Torremolinos, …

Destination Spain Cadiz

Still heading South and now in the Cadiz Province, in the southern half of the Costa de la Luz. That reaches from the mouth of the region's biggest river, the Guadalquivir, to the Strait of Gibraltar, and is blessed with the best string of beaches in Andalucia and which are still underdeveloped. I started near the port of Chipiona and found wild camping close to the beach. It is the 4th time I have been in this neck of the wood's and the 5th road trip in Spain and still a lot more to see.......... Sunset at Chipiona
Local knowledge from my good Spanish friend I was with yesterday, last night she sent me details of a nice spot to wild camp. So early this morning I headed across town and made camp. The beach is called La Playa de las Tres Piedras on Calle Gaviotas. N36°42.069' W006°25.589' There are a few bars with toilet' s that are available to use. There are also toilets on the beach. Here I can set up the outside room at the back of the van to shower. Huelen ric…

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