The Travelling Mechanic

Working while travelling 

Traveling Spain while working for a meal and or a roof over my head. 

I think I am rich enough to take a risk and do the things I enjoy or I may not move forward

"Failure is acceptable, but if you don't try then you have failed by default"

Work all your life, retire and then do all those things you wanted to do. To me that sounds funny, couldn't you be doing the things you want to do every day, or at least working towards it.

Live within your means and not what you are conditioned to believe - It's down to your expectations of what you want, to what you can acutely live on.

"Do more of what gives you peace. Keep learning new things and share what you already know" 

Well, I see my life as a working holiday and I feel I'm already retired!

Just take action "A wrong decision is better than no decision" So I have an A3 drawing board from my late brother John. I have taken measurements from inside my van (2010 Renault Master) and drawn to scale. Planning a living area, good size bed and a place for bicycles and some tools. This gives me an idea of what I can achieve (A vision) to start converting to a campervan and drive to South West Spain to exsplore and ride my bikes with the possibility of working with my hands.

"Once an idea comes to mind, so does uncertainty that can stop us from doing many wonderful things, learn to overcome this"

Lost Traditions

Working with my hands, while travelling the world. Why not use the skills I already have while learning a few new ones on my way.
Not just bicycle mechanics, I can use my hands in many ways. Such as gardening and basic carpentry.

I'll also be cooking from the campervan and not using supermarkets. I suffer from gout and I can eat as healthy as I know while travelling.

"I don't call it a strict diet, but I am conscious of what I put in my mouth"

I will be eating a diet to help keep my uric acid levels low and to start the removal of uric acid crystals "tophi" in my big toe. I am also exercising my feet, walking barefoot and gentle massage to relieve the pain. 
Eating a Weston A Price diet to reduce uric acid levels and relieve the pain.

Couchsurfing at friends (Winter time in England)

Roughing it for awhile, backpack under bed ready to go...................
It's been a while since I have put a new post on this Blog, I have been sorting out many things that have taken a lot of my time. Things that I felt I had to do!! 
I have been spending a lot of time visiting mum, I have turned away some work or passed it on. While at my mum's I have started converting my van to use for work and weekender. 
But now I am organising a road trip to Spain, to take some needed time out and get back travelling. 

Martin's kitchen; Start of the Renault Master campervan conversion

Long work bench with cooker and sink. Table for extra work area

Side window, worktop, folding table and bench seats/pull out bed

Campervan is nearly finished and is regestered on V5 as a motor caravan, for specialist insurance to travel in Europe for long periods at a time. 

I will be on the road early August and plan on staying with friends who have a house in Brittany and countinue down to where I can say with friends and family before crossing in to Spain. I am not restricted to a time scale, it's about enjoying the ride, meeting people and making do with what I have.

Road Trip Spain Planning Places to vist & Camp

View Map of Road Trip

New plces to visit 2017:
    • Congost de Mont-rebei 
    • Los Canales de Padules 
    • Caminito del Rey 
    • Village of Zuheros Cordoba 
    • Centro de Visitantes del Torcal de Antequera
    Camping research for this trip:
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    Looking for people to meet who like to cycle and can show me some off road cycling, walks, or just cycling to town and in return, I can fix their bike or teach them to do it themselves. 

    Can also share local cooking recipes, I like to know and try local dishes and we can cook a meal together and a chat after a cycle ride more or less.........Basically, have fun and be sociable. And also visit small towns and villages, while traveling across Andalusia.

    If anyone knows of Couch Surfing for me and my Camper? 
    whether wild, free or in return for working.

    Contact me: 

    The trips is well on its way see Blog Posts Road Trip 2017


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