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Destination Spain

After a lovely two weeks knowing more of France and my cousin Serge is now time to head to Spain. A 7-hour drive with 35 deg C temperatures turned into heavy rain close to the border with Spain and lots of traffic passing Biarritz, great to see the coastline and the mountains in the background, but this is where taking the toll roads would pay off! Mind you, the non-toll roads is where you find the small restaurants selling great food and coffee!!!

Destination Spain - Basque Country And Cantabria. Before heading South to Andalucia.

My Sat-nav has not been updated and the Spanish roads are full of dangerous curves as this is mountain country, also many new roads and new roads under construction. More of a spaghetti of roads, then the road network I have been using in France. Welcome to Spain!
I had to reset my destination many times as Sat-nav got confused to which road I was travelling on.
The junction coming off the main road may have 3 choices and even on a turn, there could be a sp…

One More Week In France Before Heading To Spain

Ribérac in the Southern Dordogne region of France

Continued on from my last post................. I am spending one more week in France with my cousin Serge in Southern Dordogne region of France near to the market town of Ribérac and looking forward again to meeting three of his children, that are coming to visit for lunch on Saturday, the day before I head off to Spain.
Always great to catch up with Serge and learn more about him, with listening to more of his past stories. We also played cards, had a drink or two while chatting the night away.
While travelling you are free from the TV with its news and adverts. Also a lack of wifi, so you remember chatting is so much better, than spending your time on Facebook!

"Travelling slowly with more time than money"
View of where I am staying
While here I have discovered a great park "Grand Etang de la Jemaye" A large lake where you can swim and cool down, surrounded by pine and oak trees, the lake was man made in the 70…

Start of The Road Trip To Spain

Road trip Spain 2017, started with 2 days in Worthing West Sussex, staying with a bicycle mechanic friend Nigel (And campervaner). With a Sunday morning 60 mile bike ride with the local CTC who are all retired! I managed to cycle 37 miles, so we parted at the proper cycle cafe after our lunch. Nigel and I cycled back to Worthing passing the South Downs.

Click on any image to see full size.

The Proper Cycling & Coffee Stop

On the way back in Worthing I met Peter who's in his 80's with a shed full of bicycles. That reminds me of me growing up after taking over my Dad's shed after he bought me my first toolset 31 years ago.
We had tea, cake, and a loverly chat. 

Peter in his bike shed
That Sunday afternoon I got a surprise phone call from Juliana (Who I have known for 14 years and is like a daughter to me) asking to come along to France. So with last-minute arrangements, she took the train to Brighton from High Wycombe on the Monday morning, where I collected her and we took th…

Travel For Less To Travel For Longer

Have you managed to save a little of your hard earned money, but you're not sure how long it will last?
For most people, travel is a two-week break from the 9-5 grind. Then soon as they return they feel like they have not been away or need another holiday for a rest! The trouble with a short break, you rush to fit it all in or you spend a load of money at the bar because that's what everyone else is doing.
Those who feel they want to see and experience more "a lifestyle of freedom" then it can start with you taking action. You have to change your perception of travel. Long-term travel is the greatest experience you'll have in your life.

Skip the tourist traps
My alternative? Get real when you travel. When I explore a new place, I'm not stressing about which museums to visit. I am far more interested in getting a sense of the rhythms and smells and flavors of a place, a task that requires patience and a willingness to explore.
Rough it a bit!

Travel for less tha…

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