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Destination Spain

After a lovely two weeks knowing more of France and my cousin Serge is now time to head to Spain. A 7-hour drive with 35 deg C temperatures turned into heavy rain close to the border with Spain and lots of traffic passing Biarritz, great to see the coastline and the mountains in the background, but this is where taking the toll roads would pay off! Mind you, the non-toll roads is where you find the small restaurants selling great food and coffee!!!

Destination Spain - Basque Country And Cantabria. Before heading South to Andalucia.

My Sat-nav has not been updated and the Spanish roads are full of dangerous curves as this is mountain country, also many new roads and new roads under construction. More of a spaghetti of roads, then the road network I have been using in France. Welcome to Spain!
I had to reset my destination many times as Sat-nav got confused to which road I was travelling on.
The junction coming off the main road may have 3 choices and even on a turn, there could be a sp…

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