One More Week In France Before Heading To Spain

From the last post, I am spending one more week with my cousin Serge in Southern Dordogne region of France and looking forward again to meeting three of his children, that are coming to visit for lunch on Saturday, the day before I head to Spain.
Always great to catch up with Serge and learn more about him with listening to more of his past stories. We also played cards, had a drink or two while chatting the night away.
While travelling you are free from the TV with its news and adverts. Also a lack of wifi, so you remember chatting is so much better, than spending your time on Facebook!

"Travelling slowly with more time than money"

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View of where I am staying

While here I have discovered a great park "Grand Etang de la Jemaye" A large lake where you can swim and cool down, surrounded by pine and oak trees, the lake was man made in the 70's.
You can walk or cycle around the 5 k lake and is only 10 minutes from Serge's house. We took 3 dogs and a 4-year-old who liked playing in the water and the sandy beach.
Makes a good stop with the campervan!

Grand Etang de la Jemaye

Every Friday mornings in the nearby town of Ribérac there is a market selling a lot of local fresh products and some organic stalls.

Ribérac  Market

The market is full of life, with French and many English who live and visit the area. The market is definitely worth a visit, even if a little over priced. I brought some fat sausages, different types of bread and avocados to make a good breakfast. I also tried some of the samples, took photos and had a rest at the cafe near by, with an espresso or two and watched the world go by. There are many French that are old, but all look in good health even though you see many French smoking, something not seen back in England for a while now. 
Travelling on your own, you get used to enjoying your own company, you should try it! Locals and other tourists always make you feel more welcome then it seams back in your home town. As it could be that time passes slower and time has less meaning...................

We had a BBQ on Saturday when Serge's children and grandchildren come to visit. Great to spend some time with family. We had a good chat over a drink and toasted a drink to my late brother John! Cheers John.

Cheers John

Sunday morning was my last day before heading to Spain. A 7-hour drive, so I was very grateful to Serge who cooked a full breakfast fit for two Englishmen. With French duck sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs, avocados, and Hinz bake beans all cooked on the BBQ and we eat in the garden. Thanks Serge for the great time at yours

Full English

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