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Destination Spain Andalucia

I continue travelling South from Merida, I took the national road near Zafra and continued to Alajar stopping for coffee in a nice town called Fregenal de la Sierra, (It was bank holiday and the two bars opposite each other at the end of town where like cantinas with many men drinking beer) soon after my coffee I continued from here, I crossed into Andalucia through the natural park Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, a very beautiful part of Spain.

Andalucia has 8 provinces and a bit of UK "Gibraltar" This Post is the provinces Huelva & Sevilla.

West of Aracena
(Sierra Morena, one of Andalucia's most beautiful landscapes) Most of the villages grew up around fortress-like churches,  or hilltop castles built in medieval times to deter the Portuguese.
I then continued driving and found a campsite called El Madronal about 7 k's from Alajar, that has a nice relaxed feel, even though it could do with a freshen up! Need to pay for wifi €1/hr but cuts out after 40 minutes. The cost for camping without elec is 9:50 euros a night. It's also only 1.5 k's west from a small town called Fuenteheridos. This area is known for the best Jamon in the world. The next day I cycled to Funeteheriods for a coffee, beer and to buy some supplies for lunch and dinner
The next day I drove down to Alajar, had breakfast in the plaza (a lot of people looked hangover from the fiesta) and then walked the lovely trail El Calabacino. Very peaceful walk. Returned and drove to Almonaster de la Real, walked through the village and up to view the mosque, 10th-century miniature gem of Islamic architecture, stopped for a beer in the village and bought some nice bread made in the village. Drove to Fuenteheriidos to buy supplies for lunch and dinner. Then returned to Alajar to once again walk the trail, this time with a siesta on a bench along the trail.

Camping El Madronal
Camping El Madronal

Andalucia has known Islamic rule and many names come from Muslim cultures.

Now arrived at a town just South of Seville (Sevilla in Spanish) called Dos Hermanas at Camping Villsom that has a swimming pool to cool down In. €14:50 a night without electric. Not bad for being close to Seville. The average price across Spain for elec €4:00 (that works out the price of two nights camping over a week) Makes sense for a motorhome with elec cooker, hot water, and fridge. But for me with only a light and a phone charger is too much. Same for someone with a car/van with a tent costs more than a campervan.
First time in a month I have seen tourists other than Spanish and unusual for me to here many languages but no Spanish!!
There is a bus M-132 to Plaza Espana Seville center. On Avenida de Portugal from campsite 1/2 hour Journey. Tell the driver "camping "when returning and will stop the bus at the roundabout close to the campsite.
You can walk to Dos Hermanas only 5 minutes away and you can find a small bar, for a beer and tapa before dinner. Also, small shops to buy supplies from. I liked to visit as only Spanish, good to see the way of life. I had my haircut today in town before taking the bus to Sevilla, €5 plus €2 tip, had to take a number and wait to be called, but very professional.

Seville Pop: 710,000 Temp: Very Hot

The capital and biggest city in Andalucia

For tapas at lunch go to El Arenal Zona de la Plaza de Toros on the called Adriano. My favorite bar is called San Jose Especialidad en Gambers. Try a glass of Solera from the barrel behind the bar. This place is very traditional, two old ladies run the bar and they still chalk the bill on the bar. Then walk to the river to relax (Right of the bridge Isabel II) The bar can be found on the left had to side of Adriano a few buildings before the street Pastor y Landero.

Sevilla has a lot to offer, I like to try the tapas and watch the world go by. And relax in the many parks. Lot's of life going on and music in the street.

Internet Is slow here and everywhere. It's been faster with using my phone, with my British provider and cheaper.

They say "Spaniards spend more money Per capita on food than any other Europeans" My kind of country.

Still continuing South From Dos Hermanas 1 hr to Lebrija and then to Costa de Luz

Arrived in Lebrija, parked up and found a bar I used in the past when I was staying in the old part of town and WWOOF'ing nearby. I let a friend know I had arrived and also another friend text me to see if I had arrived and who also was free to meet up. So I bought some supplies walked around and we all met in the Plazza at lunchtime and had a few beers and a chat. It was great to catch up as it must have been 4 years ago the last time.
After lunch, I wanted to get to the river and make camp for the night, but the road was closed. So I headed to the beach only 40 minutes away...........

Next Post Cadiz................

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