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Destination Spain Malaga

Left Tarifa driving mostly along the coast, stopped at Mirador de Estrecho, but was too cloudy to see Africa, also could not see the top of the rock passing Gibraltar. Stopped at Mijas but could not park, there was parking for cars only, it's a small village up on the mountain overlooking the Costa del Sol. (Not recommended for Motor Home's to drive though)
So found the nearest beach as I was getting very close to Malaga airport "Torremolinos" I spent the afternoon on the beach. Blessed with the sun,  British and Irish bars.
There is a Train station "Los Alamos" with only 2 stops to the airport but the last train is at 23:30 and Jodie's plane is late! And parking is not cheap and I am in a van "Hi-Top" 
So found a nice little Spanish tapas bar while waiting for Jodie to arrive called Tres 14 tapas y cafe, got here at 8:15, by 9 pm the place was full with Spanish. Food and service very good. Av. Manuel Fragla Iribalrne, 3, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga, Spain. N36°38.424' W004°29.773' free parking

Playa at Torromolinos

Jodie's plane arrived at 12:30 in the morning and time we left the airport was at 1 am. We made the drive to Ronda, planning on stopping somewhere on the rout. But ended driving the 1 & 1/2 hours to Ronda and got to sleep at 3 pm. And work up with music from Zumber as I had parked outside a gym!

Wild camping & Parking at Ronda: 
Off Parque del Sur

Ronda Puente Nuevo ( New bridge)

Ronda: Old & new Ronda stand either side of the spectacular 100 m deep El Tajo gorge.
Puente Nuevo - Local tradition claims that its architect Martin de Aldehuela fell to his death in 1793 the year the bridge was completed trying to engrave the date on the bridge.
Based on real events, townspeople in the plazza on top of the cliff above the river Clubbed Martin then thrown over the cliff. The perpetrators were apparently a gang from Malaga.

The next morning got up before 9 am we walked to the old town for breakfast and down to the gorge, before continuing our way to Costa de Luz.

Campervan  Parque Natural Sierra de Grazalema
Driving though Parque Natural Sierra de Grazalema & de Los Alcornocales.

From Ronda to Vejer de la Frontera. 2hr drive through some beautiful views and some winding roads.

Amazing drive through the national parks

"Driving down the highway so life won't pass you by"

Now back in the province of Cadiz.

Bar La Cerveceria 

Avda. Los Remedios, 3 - Vejer de la Frontera ( Cadiz) Definitely needed a beer after the long drive and we enjoyed our tapas.

Free Parking at Vejer:
On the way up to the town on Calle Los Remedios and take the steps from the carpark up to the old town. The bar can be found near the top on the right-hand side.

We got to the beach on day one :) A lot less people visiting the beach, than only a week ago when I was here last, so a good time for Jodie to visit. 

Playa Los Canos de Meca

At cabo de Trafalgar

We booked in for two nights at Camping & Bungalows Canos de Meca. Ctra. De Vejer a Los Canos km 10
Good price, clean and swimming pool. But a good 2.5k walk to the beach "Cabo de Trafalgar" along the road.
Cash payment only. No credit card.

Cabo de Trafalgar
Cabo de Trafalgar

We went straight to the beach for the afternoon. There is a beach bar "Ohana" I got a drink so we could use the tolets.
That evening we found a nice restaurant and had a nice meal and chat. Got to bed at 11 am, was a long but exciting day.
Resturant La Tertulia
Carril Del Pozo 49, 11159 Zahora
Found on the lane between camping and hotel Los Pinos "Camino Las Playas" 100 meters take the first road right. There is a handy mini supermarket on the corner.

Woke up after a good night's sleep, cooked fried eggs on fresh bread and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. And relaxing in hammock.......before heading to the beach.
Bar Las Dunas for lunch at the beach. On road to beach Pago Los Canos de Meca.

After a bit of rain in the night, we got up early 9 am, made breakfast and drove to Bolonia. And we are in the bar "La Cabana" looking over the beach, before walking around the Roman ruins. 
And lunch at Restaurante Otero, next to the ruins, on the beach looking at the sand dune. Where we are going next............

Baelo Claudia Roman Town

Big sand dune Bolonia 

I have returned to some of my favourite place's to share with Jodie.

At Tarifa in the old town

Time has gone super quick with Jodie and today we head towards Malaga, along with the Costa del Sol.

Found camping Torremolinos
Near to airport, railway and 10 min walk to the beach.
C/Loma del Paraiso No. 2 29620

The road to the beach Av. La Riviera is where the train station Los Alamos ( For airport and 20 min to Malaga) between camping and station is a good place for lunch Cafeteria Aranda €8 menu of the day starter and main. Lots of local workers use this place as well as tourests. 
Can also take the train to La Colina, one stop (no need to buy a ticket) for Tres 14 tapas & cafe.

After our lunch and hitting the beach, Jodie's last night we took the train to Malaga.
We visited my wine bar "Bodega Antigua Casa de Guardia" had a short walk to the old center and found a nice restaurant Alma Alpujarrena before heading back to the campsite.

Bodega Antigua Casa de Guardia wine bar
I had a glass of Seco Anejo

Restarante Alma Alpujarrena. 
Blood and spicy sausages with chips (longanizas/chorizo)

We took the train to the airport early morning, got Jodie checked in and said our goodbyes. Time has sure gone by quick and I will miss her dearly being here with me.
I got back to the campsite and decided to drive to El Chorro, Just over an hour from Malaga. For the Caminito Del Rey.
From El, Chorro is a lovely road, very narrow with sheer drops with amazing views all the way up to the campsite Finca la Campana.
I also stopped 30 k's from El Chorro at Zalea half way on Calle Virgen Del Yal
The mini market is called Cristobal Guerrero Jimenez.

El Chorro. 50 k's northwest of Malaga, the awesome gorge Garganta del Chorro which is 4km long, up to 400m deep and as little as 10 m wide.
And it feels a lot hotter here 36°+ 
Alt: 274 m

The road up to Finca la Campana from El Chorro

Some people have had trouble booking a ticket for Caminito Del Rey online. I know I have, you can buy from the North entrance. has info on booking a ticket. But tells you to book at and the website booking page may not work on your phone, also you need to print a ticket off!
Also, read reviews on TripAdvisor, it's not the adventure it once was (one thrilling trip along a crumbling concrete catwalk clinging to the gorge wall 100 m above the river) now the walkways have been rebuilt and you feel enclosed!!
Never-mind it's a beautiful area and is good to relax for a few days in the mountains. There are walks and cycling with great views. 
I can read my book Jodie brought with her "First Contact by Mark Anstice"
I also need to start studying Spanish, I have a ton of helpful books!!!

I have now booked in at Finca La Campana, as the owner returned at 7 pm. There are some supplies available here and everything is paid by credit card, so no need for a lot of cash.
Also, he gave me straight forward info about Caminito Del Rey. He said many people are having trouble booking, as he thinks it is booked up, maybe for the week. He suggested taking the early bus tomorrow morning 9 am to the north entrance (which is the start) he says there could be a no-show. Also, it's a climbing mecca here and showed me beginners climb that is available Wednesday and looks a better deal.

Gout update: The same with less pain than normal. I have started drinking pure water I can collect from the mountain. Also cutting coffee down to one cup (so not to dehydrate) and started drinking fruit/herbal tea. Here it's very hot, with much time walking/cycling, so sweating just being in the sun.

Nearest towns to El Chorro are Ardales & Álora

Cycling up from El Chorro

Relaxing in the camper with great views at Finca La Campana

See this on the fridge at the finca:
"Job's feel pockets, while adventure fill's the soul"

Nice spot to park the camper

After a longish cycle ride, I could see many people walking the Caminito Del Ray high up and is something I like to do. So on my return and after a cool down from the heat, I switched on my phone and tried the website to book a ticket and this time I managed to book. But not for 3 days, but no worries its great place to be at!! 10 Euros & 1:55 Euro for the bus. 
When you arrive in the North, there is a bar, where you get dropped off the bus. Walk behind the bar through the tunnel and its 2.5 ks through a pine forest. There is a shorter way along the road. The Caminito Del Rey takes 2 hrs to walk, can be a little windy but not cold (3rd November) The most exciting bit was crossing the narrow bridge near the end of the walk, but it was worth doing.
I took my micro 4/3 wide lens 7 - 14 (14 - 28), 20 (40) fixed and a 45 - 200 (90 - 400) zoom, I used all 3 but the wide lens more and using at 7. 

Caminito Del Ray
Caminito Del Ray

Olive trees El Chorro
Olive trees El Chorro

Walking through the mountains here reminds me of being back in Rovira Colombia. Except for olive trees instead of coffee trees and not as high up as in the Andes. 

Climbing Via Ferrata El Chorro
Zip wire and two wire bridges to cross, the top is 200 meters

I was very happy to climb here, as I am not a climber and it was my first time to do this! Booked with La Finca Campana and was told it's easy and for beginners!!! There was an element of getting sweaty hands.....

I left El Chorro for Granada, stopping at Antequera for coffee and tapas. 
I would not want to be driving a motor home across Spain, as you would be restricted visiting the rural places (mountains and small towns) driving the mountain roads and narrow streets

Camervan Spain
Spanish streets can be a bit tight for motorhomes

View MAP for all my camping & food stops in France & Spain


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