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Destination Colombia

So, you may of have heard that Colombia is the next great place to visit.

Colombia is probably my favourite country in the world.

I've spent over eleven months living and travelling in Colombia, across five trips that all started over 10 years ago in 2007, and many of my closest friends are Colombian. I have also travelled with my daughter when she was 19 years old when we were backpacking Latin America and with my crazy monkey mona loca Juliana who was only 12 years old. Great experience for them!

This is a country that gets under your skin.

Visually, it's the most striking place I have ever visited. A travellers paradise, with beautiful landscapes, breathtaking mountain ranges, volcanoes, natural parks, rivers, waterfalls, coffee, food, music, beaches, cosmopolitan cities, colonial villages and the most beautiful woman in the world.

Face of Colombia Photo:© taher0828
First: Short History:
1525 - Spain begins conquest of Colombia.
20th July 1810 Colombia gained independence.