World Food

When I first travelled, I wasn't obsessed with food, it just happened. I soon started to realise I had been missing out, on all these new exotic foods, that were fresh and full of flavor. I wanted to try everything and some of the best foods were found at street stalls.
Learning the names of different food soon interested me so much, that I started taking photos. 

The reason I'm so drawn to food as a subject is because of its ability to connect each and every one of us. It forces us to gather at least once a day and share a moment together around a table, over a drink, at a counter. It peels away our differences and gives us a commonality.

No matter where I've been in the world, street food has given me the opportunity to see food being cooked and to try what I like the look of. I always make a point of stopping at random food stalls and markets in any city or village I'm in and this is where the everyday people gather.  An added bonus is when I stay with a family and they cook a traditional meal and the whole family joins in. 

Its food and the connections with it, the farmers who grow the food, the market stalls, the street stalls and mothers/wives who cook with love for their families. (Bygone scene's you don't see very often, in the Western world.) It's not just about food on a plate, for me, it's also about everything around. 

Filling for Colombian Tamales.  

Weston Andrew Valleau Price traveled around the world studying the diets and nutrition of various cultures. Slow cooking and preparing foods traditionally along with eating butter and cheeses made from raw mike and eating meats, organ meats with bone broth from grass fed cows. Read more HERE

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