My Excuses To Travel

Travel is my drug and I have a cool boss who lets me take time off, whenever I want. 

"I feel like freedom is when you're not attached to anything," ~ Laura Dekker 

I like to escape instead of dealing with everyday life in England and travel to Latin America in particular. Where I can experience family life, take photos and eat different foods.

They say the British invented travel for pleasure (I call it enjoying your life by doing what makes you happy) at that time people could not understand why you needed to travel if it is not for business or even war!

Travel has now become big business, and for many countries, tourism is their main source of income. There are many types of travel, but I am not talking about an all-inclusive or cruise ship type holiday here. To travel is an adventure, to live for a while with no rules, to learn about yourself, the feeling of freedom, to visit remote areas, travel off the beaten track, meeting people that give you a good feeling and this makes me hungry to see more of this beautiful planet!
The first time I visited France back in 1994, was my experience of European culture and wondered why I was missing out on this wonderful lifestyle. I just wanted to see more of Europe/the World. Where people are enjoying life to the fullest, where meal times become the important time of day especially for family's meeting friends to enjoying a fine glass of wine in a small bar in a beautiful location, that is full of history can only be great for the sole.

Travel the world or stay at home living the rat race; 
If you are finding you don't have time to do what you enjoy.

Whether it's travel or spend time with friends, family or you have other dreams, you need to find the reasons 'the limitations' that are holding you from living your life to the fullest!

What's holding you back?

Finding the right balance and knowing what you want from your life.

Most people will say the weather is the main reason to travel or how they are not happy with the situation in the UK. But for me, I start to realize that I've been missing out on the important things in life, that I can't seem to find here. (Or I’m just looking for any excuse to travel?) Being brought up in a village and now living in a town, is giving me more reason to leave. Houses are being built too small for family life; the design is like living in a concrete jungle, with a very small garden, if you are lucky to have a garden! Known as affordable housing "Progress they call it!" You can always borrow more money and work every hour to afford this, for some people this is the norm and most of my friends are happy living their lives doing so. A man needs a garden, a workshop, I have my 2 hands and I like to grow my own fresh vegetables, gardening was passed on to me by my Dad, that was passed to him from his dad and I would like to pass it on to my children. A workshop is where a man can think and mend things.
But where to go; the rest of the world is also changing, more and more people are emigrating or are moving to large cities in their own country, along with the added cost of living is making it more difficult than it used to be to travel. I know the grass is always greener elsewhere and I have more than most people around the world and I am grateful. But for me I do actually like the simple life, just having the basics, I still have an old TV and only 5 channels! 

Maybe I have a fear of uncertainty, with the changing world at the moment in my life, comparing my past with the future and the rest of the world can sort it's self out. I should be positive and live for today or is it that after visiting countries and staying with family's is that I have learned to open my mind to a new perspective. So a good excuse to travel as this will change my way of thinking and start thinking more positively again.  

My thoughts to escape England and travel

I don't like to be stuck in the system and feel I am running on autopilot.

  1. Food & Health: I find it very difficult with work to find a balance between having time to enjoy a meal and to take the time to buy fresh food, other than from the supermarket or convenient shop, that are popping up on every corner, that all seem to sell the same boring choice. As for exercise, I don’t find the time to do it regularly. 
  2. To have the chance to work on an Eco project, to help others in some way. Voluntary work can also be satisfying, fun and it's a good way to offset my carbon footprint from using an airplane's to travel. Meet local people where you can learn the language, culture and give something back. It's also a great way to meet like-minded travellers.
  3. Travel also broadens the mind, give you new ideas. (But you must have an open mind, a positive outlook to start with and to travel for the right reasons.)
  4. Not having a TV, not being kept up to date with the news. Is fine for me.

My thoughts to stay in England
  1. Friends and family: This has got to be the main reason for most people not to travel for a long period. 
  2. Work: As I have my own business which I have worked hard to build, is not easy to let go. Regular work means regular income. 
  3. My home: Having security of owning your own home is important for many people, especially if you have a family. 
  4. My daughter is growing up and she has her own life, but she is my princess! 

My conclusion

I could throw a coin in the air and if it lands on heads I go and if it lands on tails I go! I don't need a reason. Because I can, there is more to life, there is another world out there to experience, only one life, live it! Or is it I am selfish or I am running away? Whatever the reason, I will probably go anyway.  I would always end up wishing that I had gone.

What's holding you back? 

Nothing ventured nothing gained.
Start to live your dream today

Thanks for looking Martin.
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