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My Photo Equipment

Of course having great equipment is going to make your photos more creative, but having any type of camera you can still achieve great photos, by just having enthusiasm and experimenting.

Juliana aged 11 with Lumix GF5 camera

A camera I have found to do great shots and is small enough it can be slipped into your top pocket, is less to worry about when travelling, is the Sony's Compact Cameras. Now coming with a larger optical zoom lens and easier to use features for taking that just moment photo.
See Sony's Cameras HERE

When space is a concern, you could just take your smartphone, "Samsung Galaxy" as it's light and has multiple uses; camera, phone, hook up to wifi and listen to music. But this is my hobby, something that I love doing and when travelling solo helps stop me feeling lonely.

"When travelling you will shoot more and get more quality photos with a smaller camera using the 14 mm Micro 4/3rds lens"

My Camera equipment and accessories
I am now hooked with Lumix Micro 4/3 cameras and lenses.
It's a tool that suits my needs for travel: compact, light, while keeping secure and is not imitating. 

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August 2015:

Keeping with compact "micro 4/3rds" I have bought myself the Lumix GX7, that came with a 20 mm lens and a spare battery. I already have a good collection of lenses that will fit this camera, I like the look and feel. But what I like is, I have a camera again with a viewfinder, the main reason I brought the GX7 is for time lapse shooting and now I have a reason to travel off somewhere to practice!
I am still new to time lapse photography, but it's the fun in learning something new and of course visiting great places. I like the way a time lapse movie shows what the eye can't see, giving an almost actual feel of being there to the viewer.
Basically, time lapse is a photo taken many times of the same subject, then converted to a video to view. On average a 10-second video at a frame rate of 24/fps would mean nearly an hour of taking photos every 5 seconds, depending on what you are shooting it could be more or less. Which means time, battery life and good memory cards are very important. My previous Lumix GF5 has the same battery charger as my new GX7, the battery from the GF5 is slightly lower powered, but at least I have 3 batteries.
Also having a good tripod will be essential to making great time lapse along with choosing the right camera settings and photo editing software.............................Read this guide How To Shoot Timelapse

Lumix GX7 Manuel

Lumix GX7 with 20 mm lens

"The perfect interchangeable lens companion on your travels?"

July 2014

I find when backpacking for long periods, I require a compact camera that can be kept in my pocket or small handbag for easy reach. Sony's fairly inexpensive compact Cyber-shot cameras are perfect, but I need to be able to have something that has more uses.
I have sold my Nikon D7000 (See below) and I already have 3 Lumix Micro 4/3rd's lenses so it made sense to buy a smaller Lumix that I can fit my lenses too. So I have just bought a Lumix GF5, I could have brought the GF6 for the same price that has 16 megapixels and wifi compatibility. But I am still happy using the memory card slot and not having to carry a laptop/tablet. The GF5 also comes with a 14mm pancake lens, which is more compact and making it good point and shoot camera.    
The GF5 will be the camera I take everywhere, but I will still have my Lumix G2 when backpacking and I have just bought a used G2 body with a spare battery. Having two camera body's with the same battery will be a good backup when there is nowhere to charge batteries for a few days while out on the road and videoing can soon use the battery up. Also, having 3 bodies it will save time changing the lenses and being compact they don't take up much room and are light when carrying. Also I feel happy using in a place I don't know, it does not look like an expensive camera and it's not big when pointing in someone's face! 

The only downside I have found to the GF5 is there is no viewfinder and makes it difficult to view the subject in bright sunlight.

Lumix GF5 with Panasonic Lumix G 14mm f/2.5 Pancake lens
This lens is the newer Lumix 14mm lens that is very compact, has internal and fast sharp focusing.

Line up of Micro 4/3rd's lenses
45 - 200 zoom, 7 - 14 wide, 14 - 42 standard and the 14mm fixed focal lenses.

The downside with Micro 4/3rd's lenses; you need to have a collection. These lenses are much smaller than DSLR cameras but can start to take up a lot of room when carrying 3 or more, which are needed for different types of shooting while traveling and the good quality lenses are expensive. Olympus lenses also fit and cost less as they do not have an image stabilizer, as the stabilizer is inside their cameras.
I have 3 camera body's as mentioned above, but you need to be extra careful when changing lenses as you want to keep the mirror and sensor clean to avoid any costly damage.
The standard lens 14 - 42 is fair quality and fair range. The replacement is a 12 - 35 HD that is a must in your kit, but you may find very expensive, especially if you are saving for your travel's.
But a keen traveller/photographer may also be keen taking the 12 - 35 and the 35 - 100 X series lenses, as would be good for most types of shooting.   

I have found very useful
  • The Black Rapid Yeti Camera strap; SEE HERE It is a one shoulder solution perfect for carrying my G2 with 45 - 200 zoom and the GF5 with the 14 mm lens. I have been on full day hikes, using this strap, also taking my wide angle lens and water bottles have made life easy, in respect of ease of use and not weighing your back down.   
  • Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod; the PIXI is great for achieving hard to get video and photo shots while keeping your camera steady. Close the legs and use it as a comfortable grip to capture great videos. 
  • Manfrotto 190DB Tripod
  • Goliton® Adapter for Tripod, convert GoPro mounts for Common Camera with 1/4" connector
 Convert GoPro Pole to 1/4 " camera adapter.

View the Lumix G Forum & Reviews for all Lumix cameras.
Also I have put a playlist of useful tips and tricks for Lumix micro 4/3 cameras:

August 2012:

Nikon D7000 Entry Level - Semi Pro Camera
With 18mm - 105mm lens. 
The camera has more manual control, so I can be even more creative.

Nikon 70mm - 300mm lens
Micro 4/3rd's lenses:

Lumix G 7-14mm f/4 wide angle lens 
Is a highly desirable ultra wide angle zoom lens. Starting at 7mm, corresponding to 14mm on a traditional film camera
I have sold my fisheye lens for my G2 and replaced with the wideangle 7 - 14mm. I still have use of a fisheye on my GoPro for sports and water use.

All my digital cameras have been Sony so far!
But my current equipment I now own a Panasonic Lumix G2 with 14 - 42, 45 - 200mm plus the 8mm fisheye lens. (June 2011)
I found that this camera felt small with my big hands at first after using the Sony DSLR-A100.
I am very very happy with the G2 as I get to know my way around. Very compact ideal for traveling and great for video also!

Free software: I use to convert from my G2 & GoPro MP4 format to AVI files using the excellent Free MPEG Streamclip is a powerful video converter and editor for mac and Windows. It can convert MPEG files between many formats, for downloading videos to You Tube.

2009 Brought my first Lumix Micro 4/3

Panasonic lumix G2 with 14 - 45mm lens

Lumix G2 8mm Fisheye lens

The Lumix G 45-200mm f/4-5.6
Is the most reasonably priced tele lens for Panasonic cameras, and it gives a good value for money. It features quick and silent AF, and good sharpness. In the longer end, around 150-200mm, the sharpness is not as good, but still usable. 
with a maximum of 400mm tele (35mm film camera equivalent), an excess of 4x zoom, and optical image stabilization. Best used with a tripod 

London Eye taken with G2 using fisheye lens.

I have also brought a GoPro Hero 1080 for a bit of fun.
GoPro Hero 1080 instructions document

GoPro fitted to my bicycle

GoPro at Hillingdon CC 

My old cameras:

Brought my first digital SLR in 2006 The Sony DSLR-A100
Was very easy to use!

Sony DSLR-A100 and 75-300mm lens SAL75300

Sony DSLR-A100 Was a great camera. Technology has moved on!

Lowepro Sling Shot 200AW.
I found this bag very useful and could pack my money and passport in. Felt very secure when used / slung in front. Easy use and quick to take camera from bag and change lens. I also have used the Lowepro backpack Compuday photo 250 bag, where you can also slip in a laptop and carry a water bottle. I found this bag is good for only 1 camera and possibly 2 lenses. Both bags are great as day bags and carrying all your travel documents on airplane or bus. 

External memory Freecom 160 GB USB Great to use for back-up photos and I exchanged a lot of music when travelling.


Sony Cyber-shot pocket camera 7.2 mega pixels. Ideal as a back-up and easy to fit in the pocket. Can take with you everywhere.

My first digital camera:


My first digital camera  in 1998 was a Sony Mavica MVC-FD81 with floppy disk. My early photos on this blog where taken using this camera. Very easy to use and upload photos to computer.

First digital video camera using DV mini tapes. DCR-HC18E


Replaced with Sony Handycam DCR-SX30E
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