My Recipe to make arepas

Arepas are popular in Colombia and Prestwood (close to London). And are made of precooked corn flour. (Is a special precooked type that usually goes by the name harina de maiz. It can be found in London see Distriandina Ltd.) Arepas were originally made by the indigenous inhabitants of Venezuela and Colombia. In Colombia, arepas are made a little smaller and are spread with butter or topped with cheese. Also sold in Camden town market

Arepas with cheese (Arepa de queso)


  1. 2 cup's precooked corn flour
  2. 25 grams butter
  3. Pinch of salt
  4. Table spoon suger
  5. 2 cup's boiling water
  6. 1/2 cup of milk
  7. Grated cheese

  8. Maiz Amarillo
Maiz Blanco
Pre-made arepa flour is usually made from white corn, but there are yellow corn varieties available. Pre-made arepa flour was first created and produced by Empresas Polar, who owns the PAN brand and is the primary distributor of this flour. You can buy from Distriandina Ltd and on-line from La Bodeguita Both can be found at Elephant & Castle London. You can buy ready made Venezuelan arepas and come with a variety of stuffing's. In Camden market.

Just to inform you: Harina P. A. N. produced in Colombia and  USA is exported to many other countries, is produced with corn that IS GENETICALLY MODIFIED, which has been approved in Europe and the United States. They also explain that the genetic modifications in the corn are so that they don’t waste crops due to bugs and such, and also to increment the yield in the crop of the corn. They also explained that the international food security agencies responsible for evaluating the risks in food products, have established that those crops do no represent any harm whatsoever to your health and they are as safe as corn that has not been genetically modified.

The long-term effect of GMO crops have been proven to be unsafe to humans and animals by damaging the gut lining and causing inflammation - autoimmune disease

  • GMOs Contain More Pesticides
  • Do NOT eat GM CORN/MAIZE it has neurotoxins that will damage your gut

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And that it is ultimately up to you to decide whether you think it is safe for you to consume?

GM corn is the most unsafe food to eat out of all GM foods, GM corn is used in many products and used in animal feed.
The GM corn will be considerably lower in calcium, (Calcium: GMO corn = 14 ppm / Non-GMO corn = 6,130 ppm. 437 times more) the corn is also grown using high levels of toxin sprays, it not good to wildlife, pollutes the soil and the tests/studies that approve as so called safe are done over a very short period and not years.
Most of the diseases today are from being nutrient deficiency, our food is low in nutrition, difficult to obtain from our food let alone when it has been modified just to make more money.
Do ask yourself; why are more people then ever ill with disease, like diabetes, autoimmune and joint pain????  Mayan/Aztecs have been eating maize for over 2000 years and did not suffer from these diseases. They know how to grow the traditional way with the old varieties, ground the corn and eat with chilies to help digest.

GMO corn was also found to contain 13 ppm of glyphosate, compared to zero in non-GMO corn.
It's important to understand that the glyphosate actually becomes systemic throughout the plant, so it cannot be washed off. It's inside the plant. And once you eat it, it ends up in your gut where it can wreak total havoc with your health, considering the fact that 80 percent of your immune system resides there and is dependent on a healthy ratio of good and bad bacteria................ Read more HERE


Mix ingredients 1 - 4

Now add a little at a time ingredients 5 - 6 and mix
Then mix the ingredients until it forms a soft dough

Roll in to a dough and knead until mixed well

Roll out the dough

In the meantime, heat up a flat frying pan!

Then take a piece of the dough, make a very well rounded ball

And then with your hands, press the small dough ball until is flatten and rounded

You do not want to over fry the arepa but make a crust before putting on cheese

Now add cheese and let melt

Best eaten with hot chocolate. I also like to eat with Sopa de pollo.

Hot chocolate

Our stash of chocolate from Bolivia

Can also buy from Distriandina Ltd and on-line from La Bodeguita
Both can be found at Elephant & Castle London.

How to make Paleo, gluten and grain free Arepas.
Originally Colombian corn cakes, topped or filled with cheese or fried egg. 

Arepas Made With Almond Flour 

  Chicken soup with Arepa

For recipe Chicken Soup

2 Cups of almond flour 
1 Table spoon of almond butter (Alternatively use hazelnut butter) 
1 Table Spoon almond milk Honey to taste is required 

Directions: Mix flour and butter in a mixing bowl. Add milk a little at a time, until it forms a soft dough. Roll in to a dough and knead. 
Leave to rest and in the mean time, pre-heat a frying pan. Low to medium heat.
Then take a piece of the dough, make a very well rounded ball.
And then with your hands, press the small dough ball until is flatten and rounded.
Fry until there is a slight rise or cook until there is a crust on both sides.
Let cool before serving. 

Lightly fried in coconut oil 
Shown: Made with hazelnut butter

Arepas with egg, avocado and tomato, onion and coriander salsa, covered with olive oil and lemon juice.


  1. I'm from Santa Marta and I live in Colombia. There are many recipes to make arepas in my city. You can use other ingredients inside this arepa. One of the most popular kind of arepas is Arepa de huevo. It is my favorite.

  2. Masterchief indeed! Great photos,recipe and step by step guide and can we expect more online recipes for 2011?

    Just back from Mexico. If I had known I would have brought you a recipe book Martin..

  3. MARTIN.... YOU'RE AMAZING!!!!!!!!! :D :D XX

  4. Authentic arepas? With butter and milk? Maybe in London but not in Venezuela. You don't need boiling water either, room temperature will do. In Venezuela, areperas will add a pinch of salt and a few drops of oil to the masa (dough) when kneading, and that's it.
    For best results you place in the frying pan (in place of a griddle) to give the arepas a crust and then pop them in the oven for about 15-20 minutes to cook through.
    For Colombian-style arepas drop them in a deep fat fryer until golden and crispy on the outside.
    Hope that helps. R

  5. Wow, this is amazing. The recipe you provide is very easy and less time consuming. Now i cleared my all doubts about arepa recipe.

  6. I am very much pleased with the contents you have mentioned. I enjoyed every little bit part of it. It contains truly information. I want to thank you for this informative read; I really appreciate sharing this great.

  7. vivo en Bucaramanga, Colombia y hago las arepas de maiz de forma muy similar como las describe, supongo que utiliza el agua caliente para derretir la mantequilla congelada; suelo utilizar el agua y la mantequilla a temperatura ambiente asi me parece más facil. Hago las arepas dulces con harina de trigo y panela molida en lugar de miel y otros las hacen con sal y las fritan, en fin hay muchas variaciones de las arepas, pueden rellenarse con muchas cosas como por ejemplo jamon y queso, es una comida muy versatil. Me gusta mucho su blog, es muy interesante y mucha suerte en su viaje.


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