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Ways I Save Money For My Travels

It's way easier to get into financial trouble than to get out of financial trouble. And I will guarantee you if you run a big credit card debt, you will be in trouble "probably" the rest of your life in terms of your financial situation. On the other hand, you could get ahead of the game.

"You have to dream your goal and work for it"

We all have monthly bill's that need to be paid. So my advice to you is if you can't pay for it don't buy it. Learn to become "money literate" to know what the difference is between assets and liabilities. And start to change your life to have more assets and fewer liabilities before you even think about travel. 

Here is a great book to read PDF:- Rich Dad Poor Dad No need to pay Amazon

"Life is becoming way too convenient, like; buy online, next day delivery, ready meals, easy peal seedless oranges, pay with touching your card and changing technology. Has stopped us learning and doing the basics in life that would stop you wasting your time and money"

Money doe's not buy happiness. Learning new things and experiences can. 
Why travel? It opens the mind, you can learn new things, have new ideas, meet like-minded people and so on..........But how are you going to make this happen? 

I am always being asked: "how do you afford to travel for long periods"?

My usual answer "I have never been married!" 

I even have friends ask if I have won the lottery! Its quite funny that people think I have money, when in fact they earn a lot more than me and in turn spend a lot more than me...........

So what are people doing? "They are living the rat race"

Assets: are things that pay you an income monthly/Yearly, what you need more of when travelling. Liabilities: are things that cost you money, what you could do without when traveling. 
Assets can be things that produce more money than they cost to run. Many people live the good life without first having assets to cover the costs of a good life. And those with assets reinvest their money and get it working for them. 95% of people do not know this and do not have any assets to sustain their lifestyle. So they look for a job to pay more money or use credit cards. Not only will they pay more tax, they will have more interest to pay and end up working more hours and have more debt. While 5% of people look at ways to have an income without working for the money and don't borrow money for things that have no real use. 

Liabilities are things that cost you money, like credit cards, cars, phones and even owning a house with a mortgage. A month after buying my house I rented a room out, this not only paid my mortgage but my bills. And then I rented the house out so I could travel! Then this is an asset as it pays me monthly after any deductions. I do my banking online and open savings accounts from the main account and give these accounts names. I have a house repairs account, a travel account and so on. So if my house needs repairs I have the money to cover the costs. I have a credit card that is only used to draw cash abroad. I also have a pension but realised years ago unless I am paying £300 a month into it I won't get a very good return when I retire and there are no guarantees on the payout, especially with a bigger gap between rich and poor. If we as a society carry on living with using credit to get by, it's only a matter of time for our civilisation to disappear. So you might as well go and travel. Other good assets to have are intellectual property. (is something unique that you physically create) I built my business into a network similar to a franchise and the business owners pay me a one-off fee to join and a small yearly fee to use my brand and name. At the moment I am looking to grow this as its now established and could be my pension income. Also once you travel you learn to look at new ideas, especially if you already have your own business, I find I am always looking for ways to make a business or something that will give me a regular income once setup.

I have started a Google+ Commuity/Forum to disuse in my details and get feedback from those that have or are doing it

"Change a bad habit into a good habit"
  • It's to do with changing your lifestyle; You not going to save money if you are eating out all the time or meeting friends in coffee shops. You don't need to be a hermit by staying at home and just work to fund for your travels. You can start by cutting back by visiting or cooking with friends. 
  • In reality, I make many sacrifices, cut back on the so-called normal life. When in the UK, I sleep on friends floor/sofa and offer to do cleaning and cooking in return for somewhere to sleep, so I don't have monthly bills to pay. I don't have a car, so no insurance, tax, fuel, and repairs to pay for. I also don't care for the latest gadgets, I make do with an old mobile and that cut's the cost of my monthly payments. 
  • I did, however, from an early age, start a savings account and soon got in the habit of saving. I also had a job that paid well. But over a long period, I have slowly changed my life towards long term travel/or able to take time off when I felt the need to visit somewhere new! 
  • I do however now have a small monthly income, that helps me out. So can you, but you need to start organising your life today, towards that goal........................
Are You Rich Enough To Travel?
  • For me, the definition of being rich is having the time and being in good health. As for money, is having enough to get by.
  • Interesting because of full of variety: "what a full, rich life you lead!" I call it free sprite.
  • People often ask; how can I afford to keep taking time off work and go travelling? It's not how I can afford to travel, but why you can't!
What do you need to earn a year to live your life to be comfortable?
  • Then ask yourself do you want to live the system by being a sheep or do you really want to get up and go travelling the world? Wake-up and start enjoying your life.
  • I’m not a wealthy person and my pension fund is going to be minimum. But I do feel very privileged to be able to just up and go, with just a little planning. I never use to feel that strongly about it, as some of the people I have met or stayed with around the world can only dream to leave their country. But at the other end of the spectrum, people have so much money or very big houses and just don't have the time to travel for long periods.
Start by thinking differently
  • In that I have my own mind, don’t believe everything I hear or read. We have become consumers and these days we get bombarded with adverts telling us otherwise and what we should spend our money on! But I look for other options that not only save me money but also time. 
  • I really THINK that working on something you really believe in. So I just think I could be somewhere else, exotic, living my dream and this will help me get motivated to change my lifestyle here before I set off on my big adventure. 
travel with no money
A way of saving money- Gardening in return for a meal, this in the UK in my own town.
I would do this after my main job, saves buying and cooking.

You don't start travelling because of what you don't have. You don't start because you don't realise yet that the fruit of everything good in life begins with a challenge.
  • No one is going to hand it to you. 
  • Life is not easy and don't think it ever will, you need to work at the things you want. 
  • Dream the dream and take actions.
  • If you continue with actions you will start to get results from those actions. 
  • To get to those goals you must apply discipline and consistency every day.
  • You can travel now, don't wait until you are 86. You will always be able to make more money, BUT you cannot make more time.
  • Do everything in your power to make things happen 
  • Never give up, the world needs you more then ever. 
Before travelling

It’s easier to save before you go than trying to cut back and roughing it abroad to save money. 
With the high cost of food, fuel, no wage rises and no interest on savings, means the pound buys less! And a week exchange rate in many countries, your money buys less abroad too. So you may need to save more than you first thought, but don't let this put you off. To find the money to keep travelling, I have had to change my lifestyle, keep few possessions and make sacrifices in exchange for travel.  
You can start by stop pissing your money up the wall. 

Learning to be money savvy and spending wisely
Learn not to spend more than you earn!

Act Now:
  • Making a savings plan is important, paying off any debts first or getting them under control is the first step to making your dream a reality. I keep a note of my monthly outgoings, work out what I can do without, what I can cut back on and find a better deal by downgrading. You will be surprised how much you can save on your monthly mobile phone bill, by not having the latest phone and sending picture messages (You can email photos) If I need to make a call that has a charge from a mobile I use my Skype account, as I have found to be the cheapest especially when you are put on hold.
  • Stop paying for Amazon Prime, you don't need to buy anything if you are planning on going travelling. 
  • I have opened an online savings account that gives me the best interest rate and named it 'Travel Fund' I add money regularly and don't take money out. As you are looking for short to mid savings plan with low risk, an option is a cash ISA. Has a maximum you can save and the interest is TAXfree. 
  • I don't pay any bank charges, as I know some people pay a lot of unnecessary charges for credit cards and bank accounts. Switch bank account; Halifax pay you £5.00 a month if you pay £1000.00 in every month and as long as you stay in credit. (Don't pay to have a current account)
  • Because you are saving for your travelling, doe's not mean you have to be a Scrooge. I don't have takeaways and cut back on nights out, replacing with visiting friends for dinner parties and BBQ's. (Shearing the cooking and buying the food.)     
  • Not wasting food you can save a fortune, leftovers can be taken to work the next day. I am lucky to have filtered water available, saving on buying bottled water.  
  • I bulk buy food with friends and get great deals on good quality food. As now I am eating more paleo/primal and there are many websites now that offer delivery, one great place is Green Pastures Meats. I have also found that most local farm shops are now a lot cheaper than the Supermarkets, I can buy a dozen free range eggs for £2. Supermarkets are just convenient and not cheap anymore. I also do eat rice 2 - 3 times a week. 
  • I don't have a car, I use my bicycle and work van. Cycling to the shops not only keeps you fit but saves on fuel. 
  • I keep the minimum of electronic goods, I only have a mobile and not a landline as well.  
  • I sell any unwanted items I have had for years on Gumtree or eBay. Gumtree can take longer to sell. The downside selling on eBay is the large fee’s they and Paypal charge. So if you have time to sell, try local shop windows/notice boards or have a garage sale, even try listing on Facebook before listing on eBay.
  • I have rented my house and logged with friends, even for free at times for short periods. As I am single this has saved paying household bills, that could be shared if living with a partner. I put some of the extra money to paying off the mortgage and the rest into my holiday fund when not travelling (I hope to live off the rent of my home to continue to travel)  As soon as I am off on my travels, I then use the rent money as aN income to help fund my travels. 
  • I have my own company that is part flexible for me to take time off to travel, with a little bit of hard work when I get back to start making a real living again.   
"Learn to cook, make do and don't waste anything"

Colombian tamales
Colombian tamales. 
Preparing food with friends saves you money, its healthy eating and fun. 
Latinos always know how to party.
View my Recipe ideas

Is one of your biggest expenses!
  • Once I have decided where I am going and for how long. I research and book as far in advance as I can. It's becoming more difficult just to buy a one-way ticket, you will find that you will not be able to get onto a plane without a return ticket! When travelling, to show customs at borders crossing, take bank statements, anything that shows you have a life/job in your native country to show you are going to return back home.
  • Check if you need a visa, even if you are in transit at an airport. 
My favorite sites for finding cheap fares:
Whilst the cost of flights are on the increase, people are also looking at different forms of travel to save money. If you have more time than money, than take a look at touring by cycling or campervan are they are becoming popular ways to travel and save money. Travelling in your own country, it's not the same as going the other side of the world, but there can be a lot to see you did not know about, and this will save on air fares and currency exchange.


Check the small print and what your insurance covers, if you are doing extreme sport etc..... Also make sure you get medical cover, making sure it covers the country or all the country you are visiting!
During Travelling

It’s not easy saving money once travelling as you are spending money on enjoying the local food, places to stay and tours. £1 can stretch a lot further once you are out of the western world, providing you know where not to get ripped off! 

"You don't need to be tight with your money - just careful".
  • Try and live like the locals 
  • Eating street food in South East Asia and Latin America is not only cheap but very filling. Also, I look out for the menu of the day, normally served at midday. 
  • Buying food and making your own picnic to take with you on days out/tours. Some hostels provide drinking water; taking a water bottle you can use to refill from your hostel and is also good for the environment not throwing away those plastic bottles. 
  • Couch surfing, hostels, and camping are some of the best ways to save money on accommodation. It’s not for everyone and you can't guarantee the conditions of the accommodation. If you are looking for a good night sleep this maybe sometimes hard to find. 
  • I have stayed in many hostels, I have not tried couch surfing. But I have stayed with many families around the world which works for me, a great way to experience the culture and family cooking. I often stayed for free and brought only food for the family and I have made good friends this way. I have learned to cook healthy, cheaply and without waste.
  • Ask how much things cost first and then try to bargin a price a lower price. Shearing a taxi will save on travel costs, but always ask how much the ride is going to be first and by keeping small change you can give the driver the correct amount plus any tip, as they very often don't have any change. Don't get out of the taxi until you collect your change or he may drive off!      
  • Car sharing: Find others going your way so you can car-share together. Save money, cut your carbon and have fun!
  • Drawing cash abroad can be a big expense with the high fees of using a card. and if you are spending a long time on the road these fees can soon dig into your savings.  Find a credit card that has a low charge or better still no charge for drawing cash abroad or find a way you can transfer money cheaply; asking your bank if they are part of a global ATM alliance, where all ATM fees are waived if you use a cash machine from banks involved in the country(s) you are travelling. (Tip: I am using the Halifax Clarity credit card. Has a good exchange rate and no fee to withdrawal. But they do charge a daily interest, so if you don't need credit. Then you can pay your credit card off each time you use it, via internet banking. Also, check exchange rate when looking to withdrawal, this can make a big difference.)
  • What skills do you have that you can use to make money while travelling? I have a Hire Me Page and have found work for a roof over my head and meals. 
My Priorities 

I like to take the least traveled path and do what makes me happy. 
  • Learn not to waste money.
  • Every time I am about to spend money on something I deiced if it is something I want or something I need and try to only buy what I need.
  • Fewer things, less work, fewer expenses. Equals more money and more time to enjoy traveling. Less equals more.
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Start Saving Today

By seeing where your money is going and what you can cut back on. Is a start in the right direction. Below is a file/budget template that can be viewed/downloaded below

Enough about my ways! 
What are some of the ways you save money before you travel?


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