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What I Pack

It's very easy to pack too many things you are never going to need and have to carry with you on your trip unless you can make money by selling them! And with all the electrical equipment one now needs on a trip, there is not much room to over pack. 

5 Things I find useful

  1. Plastic plate. Slides in your backpack or daypack and is very handy when you need to knock up a cheap meal. 
  2. Plastic tub. To keep food in when on a day trip, doesn't take up much room in a backpack as you can fill, when not in use. 
  3. Knife. Don't recommend carrying on a plane. Carry in your backpack, useful for cutting up fruit or if you get stranded on a desert island. 
  4. Water bottle. Can fit into the side pocket of your day pack, not only help's to save the planet but save's your money as you can fill up at most hostels. 
  5. Waterproof pouch. For keeping passport and phone safe. 

Backup. Take a copy of all your travel documents and bank cards, also save a copy on your computer, cloud and send yourself an email along with contact details and print off.

Medical: Good idea to pack any medicines you may need on your travels, I take pain killers and rehydration salts for relief from short-term dehydration and diarrhea. If I am going to get off the beaten track or travel a lot on buses, which means skipping meals or eating junk, I take supplements; Vitamin c and cod liver oil. (Of course, fruit is normally available or pack before hand)

Electrical: Camera(s) laptop/tablet, chargers, plug adapters..............list goes on! Unless that's why you are going away, is to get away!

Camera: When space is a concern, you could just take your smartphone, "Samsung Galaxy" as it's light and has multiple uses; camera, phone, hook up to wifi and listen to music. But if you want to get better photos than the Lumix micro 4/3rds camera is ideal and going lightweight See: My Day Camera Kit

Sports: I like to take my own snorkeling equipment.

Things like travel/reading books and maps can now be uploaded to your iPad/tablet unless you are old-school and find it easier to read from a book like me. So for travel info, I take copies of map's that don't take up too much room and I can pass on or through away when finished.

Packing for different climates; rain, sun, cold, mountain & dessert is impossible unless you are on an expedition and with a backup team. What you can't take you can buy, borrow, hire or steal.

Clothing: You can buy many travel items to wear, that dry quick when washed and don't crease. But it is also a good idea to take clothes that you can wear to help to fit in with locals and not stand out like the new tourist in town.

Before packing - lay all your stuff out and pack only half. Keep your clothes folded or rolled as it stops them from creasing and makes packing a lot easier.

If you can pack all your stuff into a small backpack, you can then carry with you on the plane and bus making it easy at arrivals.

What things can't you go without?


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